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As a photographer, there’s nothing quite like capturing the love and excitement of a couple on the cusp of their wedding day. And when that couple is willing to fly all the way from Texas to Wilmington, NC for their engagement shoot, you know it’s going to be a special experience.

The couple, Laura and Zach, arrived at the beach early on a beautiful summer afternoon. The sun was just set, casting a warm glow over the sand and surf. I could tell right away that they were excited and ready for their shoot.

We started by running  along the beach, with Laura  and Zach holding hands and laughing as they ran into each other. I snapped candid shots of them as they chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. As we walked, I noticed how perfectly their outfits complemented the natural surroundings. Jack wore a crisp white shirt and blue shorts, while Jill was in a flowing sundress that caught the breeze perfectly.

As the sun lowered  in the sky, we made our way to the water. I was able to capture some stunning shots of the couple dancing in the water, jumping on each others backs and laughing the whole time, with the ocean and sky as their backdrop. The way the light was hitting them was just perfect, and I knew these photos were going to be truly special. We also popped some champagne to end the night on a high note!

As the shoot came to a close and we said our goodbyes, I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding this April! I know that the photos from this engagement shoot will be a cherished reminder of their love and commitment to each other for years to come.

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