Love at the Merrimon Wynne: Ellen & Bart’s Wedding

It was a breezy, sunny day in Raleigh, North Carolina. The perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding between Ellen and Bart. These two perfect humans were seperated for months due to them both being active duty military, this couple was finally reunited for their special day and it was nothing short of incredible! From the tears of joy that flowed from their guests to the stunning venue, I felt honored to be a part of such an amazing moment.

As a wedding photographer, there are certain moments that stand out in my mind. This wedding was certainly one of them! The ceremony took place at the gorgeous Merrimon Wynne estate and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Everything about this place is stunning—from the outdoor garden with its lush greenery to the perfect architecture of the venue!

The ceremony began with tears as family members watched on with all the joy as Ellen and Bart said their vows. There were so many heartwarming moments throughout the day—from the way they looked into each other’s eyes as they read their vows to their first dance as husband and wife. It was truly a magical experience!

Afterwards, we all moved outside for photos under a canopy of trees while sipping on signature cocktails made just for them. Everyone seemed to have such a great time celebrating the newlyweds—it was almost like no one wanted the night to end! As I look back on this beautiful day, I am so happy that I could be there capturing all these memories for them!



I love what I do, I love the people I work with, my clients become my friends and I am so incredibly thankful for that. I am not the quiet sit in a corner type, I am loud, outgoing and slightly obnoxious, but what I have learned over the last few years on this journey is by me being myself during the time spent with my clients is how I get them to be themselves. So, if you are looking for the reserved photographer to show up and tell you to say cheese then I may not be your girl and that’s totally okay, but if you want to gain a friend who you can have an experience with and have beautiful memories to take from it than id love to hear from you!

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