Lena and Des, an elegant wedding.

As a photographer, I have the privilege of capturing the most special moments in people’s lives. And there are few moments more special than a wedding day. So when I was invited to photograph the elegant wedding of Lena and Des, I was thrilled.

The love between Lena and Des was so evident from the moment I arrived at the venue. They were both beaming with joy and couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other. It was clear that they were truly meant to be together.

The day started off with a bit of a hiccup, as the weather was going back and forth between sunny and rainy. The ceremony was originally set up inside. But at the last minute, the clouds cleared and the sun came out, giving us the perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony.

Lena and Des read the vows under a perfect sky surrounded by their friends and family. It was such a lively ceremony filled with laughter and happy tears. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Throughout the rest of the day, the weather stayed perfect, allowing us to capture some stunning outdoor photographs of the happy couple. The love between them was evident in every single shot, and it was an absolute pleasure to document their special day.

Overall, it was a fun and elegant wedding that I will never forget. Lena and Des love for each other was the highlight of the day, and we ended the night with the most ENERGETIC reception!


I love what I do, I love the people I work with, my clients become my friends and I am so incredibly thankful for that. I am not the quiet sit in a corner type, I am loud, outgoing and slightly obnoxious, but what I have learned over the last few years on this journey is by me being myself during the time spent with my clients is how I get them to be themselves. So, if you are looking for the reserved photographer to show up and tell you to say cheese then I may not be your girl and that’s totally okay, but if you want to gain a friend who you can have an experience with and have beautiful memories to take from it than id love to hear from you!

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