Capturing Love on the Water: Jameson and Lee’s Stunning Wilmington NC Wedding

As a photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for beautiful and unique locations to shoot weddings. And let me tell you, the Embassy Suites in Wilmington, NC on the water did not disappoint. The setting was absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for Jameson and Lee’s elegant and modern wedding day.


Jameson and Lee met in college and their love story is one for the books. They are a dreamy couple and it was such a joy to capture their love on camera. From the moment I arrived at the wedding, I could feel the excitement and love in the air.

The ceremony took place right on the water’s edge, with the sun setting behind the couple. The soft light and breeze (more like knocking Jamesons veil off wind) made for some truly magical photos. The way Jameson and Lee looked at each other as they exchanged their vows was enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

The reception was held inside the Embassy Suites, but the waterfront views were still the star of the show. The modern decor and lighting set the perfect mood for the party. The dance floor was packed all night as Jameson and Lee celebrated with their friends and family.

Overall, Jameson and Lee’s wedding was an unforgettable experience and a photographer’s dream come true. The location, the couple, and the atmosphere all came together to make for a truly stunning day. I am so grateful to have been a part of it and to have captured these beautiful memories for the happy couple to treasure for lifetime.



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