What the F*ck do I Wear??

Welcome to the “what the f*ck do I wear to my photoshoot” section. Have no fear I’m here to give you some advice on what I recommend to my clients everyday to wear to their sessions with me! From couples’ sessions to in home newborn I will make sure your covered… pun intended.

You have paid a lot of money and are expecting quality images from whoever you hired to capture your love (hopefully me), but truth be told as a professional photographer I can say wardrobe does matter for the quality of the content, I’m not saying go out spend hundreds of dollars on extravagant clothes, actually in my opinion simple is better. I always advice to my clients wear something you can move in, breath in and aren’t constantly worried if a butt crack is going to show. Unless that’s your thing than go for it! The more comfortable and relaxed you are that WILL show in your images.

Let’s start with my primary focus of photography, which is couples and engagement sessions, for my style photography I tell clients to wear neutral colors, I also love yellow with my editing, this applies for all seasons. My couples’ style is laid back and candid so lots of moving around, piggy back rides and close cuddly moments, a lot of my male clients will wear dark jeans or khaki colored pants and a plain sweater, long sleeve (winter/fall) or plain v neck short sleeve (summer). My female clients get to have a little more fun wardrobe wise (sorry guys) long flowy dresses, jeans and flowy tops, jump suits, jeans, booties, sweaters or tank tops and cardigans topped with a cute boho hat are always fun for more casual sessions like mine!

For engagement sessions I think dressing up a bit more is perfectly fine! Having men wear slacks and a button up or dark jeans and a button up/polo shirt or plain shirt with a nice neutral colored jacket. For my ladies back to the flowy dresses those are ALWAYS my favorite, or even an extravagant dress its about your big day so be extra if you want to be!

Lets cover family sessions, my family and I just had family photos done and oh my gosh, what a struggle it is to get everyone dressed and matching and out of the house on time, nearly impossible and I only have one child… but it was a great learning experience for me because I noticed the struggle my amazing clients go through and the stress involved when you have to worry about dressing several other people. My first part of advice with family wardrobe is DON’T MATCH TO MUCH, there is such thing as over doing it, please don’t take this offensively but wearing the same flannel is not flattering in a regular family photo session setting, this only works for Christmas (because yes my family and I do the matching flannels). A good example for a family of four is dad wear black and tan, mom be the pop of color, red, yellow green, have baby boy wear khaki colored pants and a tan or white shirt, have baby girls wear a pretty dress similar (NOT EXACT) to moms. Second word of advice for family session, might slightly contradict the first part of this section if the kiddos HATE what their wearing try and be flexible with them because we all know how photo sessions go when a kiddo is miserable over what their wearing, no matter the amount of mom jokes/silly faces I make can cure it.

In home newborn sessions are so fun because you are in YOUR home, your comfort zone, dress like it (please wear pants). I’m not talking pajamas, I mean t shirts (no logo) and leggings, ladies give baby to your partner and take time to shower do your hair (or nap) before your photographer arrives. Dads throw on some comfortable jeans or shorts and a plain t shirt, leave the shoes off, these sessions are all about capturing you and your newfound love in your day to day routine.

I will be providing a link to my Pinterest with great outfit ideas for all the examples given in this blog post. Any image you see on this is my work and some great outfit choices from my amazing clients! I hope this helps you find what the f*ck you’re going to wear, if all else fails show up naked, we will make it work! Thanks for reading!


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