The time has come for me to pack up everything I’ve built here in the PNW and move across country and do what feels like starting over. The emotions are real, and the pressure has started to set in. This posting will be different from what you can usually expect out of my blog from here on out, but I need to get these feelings out and express my immense gratitude to everyone I’ve worked with here in Washington. It’s no secret that I haven’t been doing this photography thang long, I was a late bloomer in pursuing my passion and that’s okay. I truly started from the bottom, asking strangers in target to do free photo sessions, watching countless videos on YouTube videos and buying educational material on how to grow my business, all here in Washington. I feel lucky that I got to grow here, in one of the most desired locations for creatives, I have met so many talented photographers and clients who became some of my closest friends. Each person who has taken me and my business seriously has made it possible for me to provide for my family by doing what I love, there’s really no words I could use to describe my appreciation.

A huge part of my heart will stay behind here but being a military family, we go where the army tells us to go. I don’t mean that in a negative way because I am beyond excited to see what I can create and build in North Carolina. I hope to meet other creatives there to work with and create a strong community. I am also looking forward to the amazing clients I will meet during our time there! I already have five sessions booked for the month I arrive, and I cannot wait to get out a make magic in my new home. Some tips I wanted to briefly share for anyone else who may be moving their business and is nervous about starting over that I have found to help me so far is one, reach out! Join Facebook groups in your area before you even get there. Number two put your name out there, show off your work get people interested in your art or whatever your business might be. Three, SOCIAL MEDIA, this has been the most powerful thing I’ve used to grow my business to what it is (which isn’t a lot but still GROWTH IS GROWTH). Unlike Washington where I had all my amazing clients telling their friends and referring me, I don’t have that right away where I am going to rely on social media, hashtags and groups.

Now for anyone reading this in Washington you will be missed and always appreciated and to those in North Carolina I cannot wait to be there, and I hope to share my passion for this art with you. Now for the TEA! I know locations are a pain in the butt to find and everyone’s always being secretive about where they shoot to keep it unique, well I am leaving so I’m sharing my favorite spots to shoot at, so keep reading all my Washington photographers and to anyone who just wants to take their family to a beautiful location here ya go!



Rattlesnake Lake