March 03 2020

Oh how I am missing the pre- quarantine days... so lets reminisce. My friend Lindsey and I spent the afternoon driving to Rattlesnake lake for this amazing session with Avery and Trevor and a maternity session. If you are a Washington local you know rattlesnake lake is usually low tide with hundreds of tree stumps exposed (beautiful). Well us being overly excited did not check the tides that day and showed up to a very full lake and no stumps aka not what we were planning on for either shoot. We also had no cell service so we explored the area a bit and found the prettiest mossy trails and a lookout over the lake. So moral to the story, CHECK THE DAMN TIDES, no but really it all worked out and this couples session resulted in beautiful memories and new friends! Ill be blogging the maternity session soon ( also a DREAM session).

This session wasn't meant to be steamyyyyy, but sometimes you just gotta beg your clients to take their clothes off. VERY MUCH WORTH IT. If you have ever asked yourself "should I get half naked with the love of my life in front of a photographer" I'm here to tell you the answer is 100% yes, and I have plenty of clients who will agree. In addition to Avery and Trevor being down for whatever they have a jeep....if you have a jeep were taking picture on it or in it or both, I cant own one so I live through my amazing clients.

Shelby Daise of Daise Photography is currently booking May sessions In Washington State ( per the covid ban lift) and booking weddings in North Carolina and surrounding areas.